Molina Collaboration with PCAP


Molina Healthcare of Washington Collaborates with Family Education & Support Services to Help Improve the Health of At-Risk Moms News Release Molina Healthcare of Washington (“Molina”) is collaborating with Family Education & Support Services (FESS) to support at-risk moms and their families who are supported by the Evidence-Based Home Visitation program called Parent-Child Assistance Program (PCAP). PCAP is an intensive case [...]

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National Child Abuse Prevention Month


National Child Abuse Prevention Month If you see pinwheels twirling in the breeze on the State Capitol Campus in Olympia or around Thurston, Mason and Lewis counties this April, it is because the pinwheels are a visible symbol of Child Abuse Prevention Month, observed each April. “They are a positive symbol of a serious problem,” said Shelly Willis, executive director of [...]

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QPR Training


Through QPR training, you can help save a life. An interview with Scott Hanauer, Clinical director Scott Hanauer, clinical director for FESS, tells a personal story when he is training on the suicide prevention model known as QPR (“Question, Persuade, Refer”). He received a message one night from a friend who feared one of his friends was close to taking his own [...]

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Voices of Children 2021


Voices of Children and Voices of Relative Caregivers Contest The Voices of Children contest is open to children and youth ages 5-19. Winners will be judged in three age categories through their artwork (such as the one pictured) or a short essay or poem. Poems must be no longer than 21 lines.Winners will receive $100 from Twin Star Credit Union, a longtime partner [...]

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Vroom Partnership


Family Education & Support Services Partners with Vroom and Washington Department of Health Research tells us that early childhood is a critical period of brain development. To make the most of this critical time, Washington State Department of Health (DOH) has been sharing Vroom with partners across Washington since 2019. Vroom recognizes and reinforces the power of parents and caregivers to [...]

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Staff Highlight: Rosa Venancio


Staff Highlight: Rosa Venancio An interview with Rosa Venancio, Bi-Lingual Community Engagement Rosa Venancio is a fluent Spanish speaker who wants to use her ability to connect more members of the Spanish speaking community to the services offered by Family Education & Support Services (FESS), “I want to include everybody,” Rosa said. “I’m focusing on Spanish speaking family as a resource [...]

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Talking to Kids in a Time of Chaos & Violence


Talking to Kids in a Time of Chaos and Violence An interview with Scott Hanauer, Clinical director and Keoki Kauanoe, Fatherhood Engagement Director Talking to young people regularly and compassionately is the best way to help them feel safe in what feels like very unsafe times, says Scott Hanauer, clinical director for FESS. “With the pandemic and the political violence, it’s [...]

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Stress doesn’t take a holiday


Stress doesn't take a holiday An interview with Scott Hanauer, Clinical director It is important for caregivers to understand signs of stress in their children and some ways in which they can help lessen it. This is especially true now, in the time of COVID-19, when many of our normal patterns and social supports have been upended. “Even before COVID-19, we [...]

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Ideas to help children enjoy the holidays


Ideas to help children enjoy the holidays  Strategies and ideas for this Holiday Season: Finding ways to make this year special Start a family Conversation: Acknowledge what has changed and how family members are feeling. Find ways to make connections. Keep to a routine and notice the good things. Taking care of yourself this Holiday Season: Eat well Be active or [...]

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Anti-Racism Fight Club


Parenting Tools: Anti-Racism Fight Club Speaker: Doyin Richards Presenter: Doyin Richards We are in the midst of two major crises in America: mental health and race-relations. They impact our homes, schools, businesses, relationships, and (obviously) sanity — but do we recognize the signs of these problems? Are we doing enough on the front-end to prevent personal and professional disasters [...]

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