We are excited to receive applications from students representing the full spectrum of society, as well as students with lived experiences and students with disabilities, veterans, and non-traditional students.


  • Applicants must have completed at least their freshman year.
  • DEADLINE: All application materials must be received by the following deadlines:
    • June 1st with letters of recommendation due by June 15th, for the fall semester.
    • September 1st with letters of recommendation due by September 15th, for the spring semester.
    • March 1st with letters of recommendation due by March 15th, for any summer internship.

Minimum Requirements*

  • Excitement to apply your social service work and/or research skills to serve our community!
  • 3.0 GPA
  • Prior experience in social work is not a requirement
  • Basic computer skills (Word, Outlook, Excel, Database management) is a plus

Special Notice for COVID-19

While it is extremely difficult to predict what the status of the pandemic will be, we will run some version of our program. What that program will look like will, of course, vary depending on the situation nationally.  Our aim is to operate the program normally and in person if at all possible. However, if that is not possible we have a outlined a spectrum of possibilities from in person out to a 100% virtual model.  The exact plan won’t be determined until sometime closer to your internship start date and we will do our best to keep applicants updated. 

To Apply : By the deadlines above,

  1. Complete the online application
  2. Download an unofficial version of your transcript from your institution (.pdf or .doc only are accepted our admin). An unofficial transcript should list your coursework for all terms, the number of credits earned, and the grades for each course. Upload your transcript here, If you have not already.
  3. Upload the institutional requirements and expectations for your internship here, if you have not already.
  4. Have your 2 references submit your letters of recommendation using this link with your name in the reference field. Letters of recommendation must arrive by the deadlines above for whichever semester you are applying. Give the following link to your references to submit the letter: https://forms.gle/tyD79tdCsqV3okio8

Decisions for all students will be made by approximately the end of the month following the deadline. To help ensure a strong match between interns and programs, when possible, accepted interns will be able to select a program that most interests them. Specific beginning and end dates for internships along with institutional requirements and expectations must be submitted with your application.

For more information please contact Scott Hanauer, Clinical Director, at scotth@familyess.org or call (360) 754-7629.