About Consider the Children (Considere a los Ninos)

The divorce/separation of one’s parents is a major event in the life of a child. Consider the Children is a 4-hour parenting class focused on strategies to support children who live separately from one or both parents.

Topics include:

  • Grief and loss
  • Stress indicators in children
  • The long-term impact of parental conflict on children
  • Communication skills for parents who live separately
  • Strategies to help children in transition through visits

Consider the Children Seminar Workshops meet Lewis, Mason Pierce, and Thurston County Superior Court requirements mandating attendance at a four (4)-hour class designated to address the impact family restructuring has on children. All instructors have been approved by the courts. Upon completion of this class you will be given a Certificate of Attendance to give to your attorney, or file with the court clerk.

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Classes are currently offered Live via ZOOM webinar.

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Why Consider the Children matters:


Fewer School Absences.


Reduction in Litigation.


Reduction in Child-Reported Stress