Mark Collins Legacy Fund


“We do our best to make sure the change the parents make is really authentic and they’re going to stand on their own once we’re gone, and they usually do” - Mark Collins We all want our lives to matter; to make a difference. Mark Collins was one of those people who made a difference, who changed lives [...]

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Vroom Partnership


Family Education & Support Services Partners with Vroom and Washington Department of Health Research tells us that early childhood is a critical period of brain development. To make the most of this critical time, Washington State Department of Health (DOH) has been sharing Vroom with partners across Washington since 2019. Vroom recognizes and reinforces the power of parents and caregivers to [...]

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Talking to Kids in a Time of Chaos & Violence


Talking to Kids in a Time of Chaos and Violence An interview with Scott Hanauer, Clinical director and Keoki Kauanoe, Fatherhood Engagement Director Talking to young people regularly and compassionately is the best way to help them feel safe in what feels like very unsafe times, says Scott Hanauer, clinical director for FESS. “With the pandemic and the political violence, it’s [...]

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Family Education and Support Services offices will be closed from December 24th till January 3rd. HolidayHours


Free Virtual Workshop for Washington Kinship Caregivers


Join Attorneys Alexandra Gerson, Celeste Miller, and Ana Beltran for a 90-minute workshop on the range of legal relationship options in Washington, and how those options can translate into alternate care plans for the grandchildren, nieces, nephews, and other kin children you raise. Check out the flyer for more information: Kinship Caregivers Flyer

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2020 Strengthening Families Conference


Save the Date to virtually attend the 2020 Strengthening Families Conference, scheduled for August 28. Find complete details below about your registration options. Register for Strengthening Families Conference >> Join us on August 28, 2020 virtually! The Strengthening Families Conference provides an opportunity to discover the latest research, best practices and tools for Early Learning Professionals, Parents and Kinship/Foster Caregivers. The 2020 [...]

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