Parenting Tools: Anti-Racism Fight Club

Speaker: Doyin Richards

Presenter: Doyin Richards

We are in the midst of two major crises in America: mental health and race-relations. They impact our homes, schools, businesses, relationships, and (obviously) sanity — but do we recognize the signs of these problems? Are we doing enough on the front-end to prevent personal and professional disasters from happening?

Family Education & Support Services in partnership with South Puget Sound Community College, is hosting a Free Virtual Parenting Tools Workshop on December 2, “Anti-Racism Fight Club” with Speaker Doyin Richards.

Richards launched the “Anti-Racism Fight Club” as a training program for white Americans who are new to anti-racism activism.  In the training, attendees learn about the nuances of systemic racism, effective strategies for raising anti-racist children, bulletproof comebacks for common racist talking points, strategies for how to deal with racism in person and online, and more.

To Register: FAMILYESS.ORG/CLASSES or call 360.754.7629

For more on Doyin Richards and “Anti-Racism Fight Club” visit his website: 

Anti-Racism Fight Club – Event Flyer