We’re Partnering with Vroom

Family Education & Support Services is working with Vroom to turn moments shared between parents and children into brain building moments. Whether its mealtime, bath time or anytime in between, there are always ways to nurture our children’s growing minds.

What is Vroom?

New science  tells us that our children’s first  years are when they develop the foundation for all future  learning. Every time we connect with them, it’s not just their eyes that light up—it’s their brains too. In these moments, half a million neurons  fire at once, taking in all the things we say and do. We can’t see it happening, but it’s all there, all at work. That’s why Vroom is here.

Your Have What it Takes

Vroom is about creating brain building moments. The good news is, the time you have is all you need to be a brain builder.

Brain Building Basics

These five steps help build your child’s brain. Take a look at the basic ways you can make it happen.

¡Todos tenemos la posibilidad de crear momentos para desarrollar el cerebro de sus niños!

Bases para el desarrollo del cerebro

¡La ciencia simplificada! Recuerda estos 5 pasos para ayudar a desarrollar el cerebro de tu niño.

The Daily Vroom App

Vroom created an app that makes it easy to access fun activities any time to make the most of these precious years when the foundation for all future learning is happening. Daily Vroom enhances the things you already do and helps spark new ideas!

Get a peek at how it works by watching the Daily Vroom video, and then download the free app to your smartphone for daily brain building fun on the go.

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