Family Education & Support Services Partners with Vroom and Washington Department of Health

Research tells us that early childhood is a critical period of brain development. To make the most of this critical time, Washington State Department of Health (DOH) has been sharing Vroom with partners across Washington since 2019. Vroom recognizes and reinforces the power of parents and caregivers to play a proactive role in children’s early brain development. It takes early brain science out of the lab and puts it in the hands of caregivers and the important adults in children’s lives, giving them positive, tested tips and activities. Vroom is available via an app, website, text message platform and print materials.

DOH is excited to be supporting six new organizations to help more families and communities turn everyday moments into brain building moments. Family Education and Support Services (FESS) is honored to be one of the six organizations chosen to share Vroom in their evidence-based family strengthening prevention and intervention services in Lewis, Mason, and Thurston Counties. FESS is focusing on families in their Kinship, Home Visitation, Fathering programs, Spanish-speaking families and other priority populations, as well as sharing with other partners.

Anyone in Washington’s South Sound Region who would like to learn more about Vroom and get training and assistance sharing Vroom in your organization, initiative, or community, can contact Family Education & Support Services.

The Bezos Family Foundation supports this work.

Have questions? Want help with Vroom? In Washington’s South Puget Sound Region contact us for assistance with Vroom.