In the nonprofit world, it is important to have a CFO with a brilliant mind and a clear vision. The ability to understand numbers, spreadsheets, and budget analysis is important too. Our very own Karin Oceguera has all of these qualities, and we appreciate the work she does every single day.

Recently, Karin wrote an article which was featured in Forbes Money. She discusses her transition from the for-profit world to the nonprofit world, as well as how finance and social work come together.

“When you impart your knowledge and love for something to someone else, it validates the importance of everything you do.”

Today we celebrate Karin Oceguera; her accomplishments in her field and her commitment to FESS and helping us in our mission to inspire healthy child development through the provision of quality family support services.

Thank you, Karin!

You can read her article in Forbes below:

The CFO’s Transition To The Nonprofit World (