“We do our best to make sure the change the parents make is really authentic and they’re going to stand on their own once we’re gone, and they usually do” – Mark Collins

We all want our lives to matter; to make a difference. Mark Collins was one of those people who made a difference, who changed lives by his presence and compassion.

Mark was an extraordinary person whose passion, empathy, and determination helped many in our community find hope. When he passed away in April 2020 the community rallied to continue his legacy of hope by creating the Mark Collins Legacy Fund. These funds are intended to remove fiscal barriers for low/no income parents. Applicants can apply to receive one-time financial support to help them take the next right step towards self-sufficiency. These emergency funds are intended to meet the needs of those who are not served by other community resources.

Mark Collins Memorial Video

Examples of successful grants include:

  • A Parent needs equipment to start their new job ($300 at Home Depot).
  • A parent going to treatment requested funds to help pay rent so they have a home upon their return ($600 to landlord)
  • A parent needs a copy of their child’s birth certificate in order to be approved for public housing ($100 to Health Dept.)

Mark was an amazing person who touched lives, righted wrongs and lifted hearts. If you would like to contribute to the Mark Collins Legacy Fund click here