When the North Thurston School District sent out a questionnaire to parents about what subjects they would like to learn, they received 400 responses. But when classes were set up to teach the subjects, just three people showed up.

That led Scott Hanauer, Clinical Director at Family Education and Support Services, to look for other ways to communicate the information.

He reached out to the Bobbie Williams with the Bridge Music Project, and from that partnership came the idea of offering learning in a more bite-sized way – through podcasts.

“Parents have so many things on their plates right now that sitting in front of a computer for one-and-a-half hours at a specific time is not going to work for them,” Scott said.

So the team at Family Education & Support Services started building podcasts, 12- to 30-minute-long online learning sessions on a specific subject that parents or anyone else can access as they have time. Most of the podcasts are about school issues, and provide parents with guidance from subject-matter experts. School concerns were the top item on the school district questionnaire.

“Teaching at home is putting a lot of pressure on families,” Scott said.

The podcast is called “The Parental Compass” and can be accessed through several streaming platforms as well as on  www.familyess.org/theparentalcompass or at The Parental Compass on Facebook.

Current subjects include virtual learning, bullying, parenting through divorce, power struggles, the challenge of raising teenagers and others. More podcasts are planned, and if you have an idea for a podcast, you’re asked to contact Scott at [email protected].

The Parental Compass is a Podcast  launched by Family Education & Support Services to provide all parents with access to evidence-based parenting information, ideas and on-the-ground resources. It is our goal to help parents build the skills, tools and confidence they need to be the best parents they can be.  To become a Podcast Sponsor Contact Heather at [email protected]  The Parental Compass Sponsor Rate Sheet