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Dear Community

As we start in to the month of May we are challenged daily by the
constant change happening in the world. Hopefully you are feeling
refreshed and motivated by the growth you see outside and look ahead
at the growth that can be made in your communities. Here at
PCAP we are adjusting to the changes and celebrating new life,
as our case manager Taylor leaves us for maternity leave. We are all
working hard to make sure that our community partners are supported
in her absence and encourage you to reach out to us if PCAP and FESS
can help support your work in our clients lives and communities.

Thank you, 
Kassie Trotter (She/Her)

PCAP Clinical Director

Congratulations Taylor!


PCAP Client Outcomes
After 3 years with a PCAP Case Manager:

  • 92% of clients had
    completed alcohol/drug

    treatment programs
  • 76% were abstinent
    from alcohol/ drugs for > 6

    months during the
  • 68% were using
    family planning methods on a

    regular basis
  • 68% were in
    permanent, stable housing


Site Detail (as of May 1, 2021)
Current Clients: 108
May Intakes Scheduled: 5
Currently Monthly Intake Capacity: 5


PCAP Approach
Pregnant and parenting women are enrolled in PCAP for 3 years. PCAP
forms partnerships with and between clients and families and
community service providers.


Eligibility Criteria
Women must meet all three criteria. 

  • Are
    pregnant or up to 12 months* postpartum
  • Used
    alcohol or drugs during pregnancy
  • Are
    ineffectively connected to community services

OR ~

  • Have
    a child with a Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD)
  • Are
    currently abusing alcohol

  • Are
    in their childbearing years

is a voluntary program and cannot be court mandated, client must
self-report substance use during pregnancy and complete entire intake

*Or up to 24 months if space available


How to make a

To make a referral contact our admin assistant at or call 360.754.7629 and ask for PCAP.
Please have verbal authorization and contact information available
and we will reach out to complete the screening as soon as possible
and confirm eligibility.

Referral/ Intake Process
Make a referral > Client completes screening >
Intake scheduled > Client completes intake >
Client is paired with a case manager for 3 years.

We do not make
cold calls.

For more
information or to schedule a PCAP 101 in your organization
please email the clinical director.


Kassie Trotter: Clinical Director


Teya Harris: Case Manager Supervisor



Sarah LaGrange: PCAP Case Manager


Taylor Valverde: PCAP Case Manager 



Stephanie Henriet: PCAP Case Manager


Allison Carley: PCAP Case Manager



Jessica Waldo: PCAP Case Manager


Karen Pursey: PCAP Case Manager 



Tosha Knight: PCAP Administrative Assistance






The goals of PCAP
are to help mothers
with substance use
disorders to:

  • Build
    and maintain healthy, independent, alcohol/drug-free lives
  • Prevent
    future births of alcohol and drug exposed children









about PCAP

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Parental Compass Podcast

Family Education & Support Services Partners with
Vroom and Washington DOH

tells us that early childhood is a critical period of brain
development. To make the most of this critical time, Washington State
Department of Health (DOH) has been sharing Vroom with partners
across Washington since 2019. Vroom recognizes and reinforces the
power of parents and caregivers to play a proactive role in
children’s early brain development. It takes early brain science out
of the lab and puts it in the hands of caregivers and the important
adults in children’s lives, giving them positive, tested tips and
activities. Vroom is available via an app, website, text message
platform and print materials.




Family Education & Support Services


(p) 360.754.7629
(f)  360.350.0564




University of Washington (UW)
Fetal Alcohol & Drug Unit (FADU)







6840 Capitol
Blvd, Building 3; Tumwater, WA


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