Consider The Children

This class needs to be a pre-requisite to marriage – very helpful and appreciated!

Jesse, Thurston County

I would recommend this class to any parent.

Robert, Lewis County

Glad this class is part of the process.  All of our family will definitely benefit from this class!

Rebecca, Thurston County

I thought the class would not be worth my time but it was well prepared and provided excellent info.  Great job to both presenters!

Michael, Pierce County

Great class!  I think its helpful for anyone with children, even if they are not getting divorced.

Randy, Thurston County

I enjoyed the class and am very glad I was able to attend.  I will start using some of the information starting today.

Amy, Lewis County

This seminar was very good and easy to understand.  Good resources as well.   Thank you to both presenters!

Lynn, Pierce County