Staff Highlight: Rosa Venancio


Staff Highlight: Rosa Venancio An interview with Rosa Venancio, Bi-Lingual Community Engagement Rosa Venancio is a fluent Spanish speaker who wants to use her ability to connect more members of the Spanish speaking community to the services offered by Family Education & Support Services (FESS), “I want to include everybody,” Rosa said. “I’m focusing on Spanish speaking family as a resource [...]

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Talking to Kids in a Time of Chaos & Violence


Talking to Kids in a Time of Chaos and Violence An interview with Scott Hanauer, Clinical director and Keoki Kauanoe, Fatherhood Engagement Director Talking to young people regularly and compassionately is the best way to help them feel safe in what feels like very unsafe times, says Scott Hanauer, clinical director for FESS. “With the pandemic and the political violence, it’s [...]

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Stress doesn’t take a holiday


Stress doesn't take a holiday An interview with Scott Hanauer, Clinical director It is important for caregivers to understand signs of stress in their children and some ways in which they can help lessen it. This is especially true now, in the time of COVID-19, when many of our normal patterns and social supports have been upended. “Even before COVID-19, we [...]

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Ideas to help children enjoy the holidays


Ideas to help children enjoy the holidays  Strategies and ideas for this Holiday Season: Finding ways to make this year special Start a family Conversation: Acknowledge what has changed and how family members are feeling. Find ways to make connections. Keep to a routine and notice the good things. Taking care of yourself this Holiday Season: Eat well Be active or [...]

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Anti-Racism Fight Club


Parenting Tools: Anti-Racism Fight Club Speaker: Doyin Richards Presenter: Doyin Richards We are in the midst of two major crises in America: mental health and race-relations. They impact our homes, schools, businesses, relationships, and (obviously) sanity — but do we recognize the signs of these problems? Are we doing enough on the front-end to prevent personal and professional disasters [...]

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Mason County Free Parenting Series


Family Education & Support Services (FESS) partners with the Mason County Health Dept. and WA State Health Care Authority to provide parenting education classes, called "Guiding Good Choices," to interested members of the public for no cost in Mason County. Anyone wanting to grow as a parent or caregiver is welcome. These classes, offered through Family Education & Support Services' parenting [...]

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When the North Thurston School District sent out a questionnaire to parents about what subjects they would like to learn, they received 400 responses. But when classes were set up to teach the subjects, just three people showed up. That led Scott Hanauer, Clinical Director at Family Education and Support Services, to look for other ways to communicate the information. He [...]

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Suicide Prevention Training Offered


The statistics around suicide are staggering. In an average year in Thurston County alone, 40 people end their lives. This year is worse. The number was 48 by August. Youth suicide is of specific concern. A survey reveals that 22 percent of 6th-graders have contemplated suicide, and that number increases by grade level. In the three weeks before mid-October, two young [...]

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Partners Team Meeting


Parental Stress and Remote Learning Join Partners Team Meeting on Monday, October 26, 2020 from 3:00 - 5:00 PM Topic: Parental Stress and Remote Learning Zoom Meeting:  Facilitated by: Commissioner John Hutchings Speakers: Dr. Sean Dotson - Superintendent, Tumwater School District Scott Hanauer, MA - Clinical Director, Family Education & Support Services Sponsored By: Thurston Thrives! & Thurston County Partners Action [...]

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Living through a pandemic


Living through a PandemicWritten by: Bonnie Jacques, Board President Bonnie Jacques, Board President Hello! My name is Bonnie Jacques and I am currently the board chair for Family Education and Support Services or FESS. I have been on the board for almost five years. When asked to write an article for the newsletter, I have to admit I racked my brain trying [...]

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