Winning at Parenting

This family participation parenting program is designed to increase the health of families by helping parents develop their parenting skills. Throughout the 6-week class, group members share parenting strengths and identify areas for personal growth.

The class combines discussion, lectures, group activities and the positive social support of peers to address common parenting concerns. Winning At Parenting is intended to strengthen families by providing information, resources and an opportunity for parents to connect with each other.

Classes are offered in collaboration with schools and generally meet weekly for two hours an evening over a 6-week time period. Class topics vary, but generally include the following topics: Realistic Family Expectations or “Fairy Tale Families, Child Development, Family Communication, Anger Management, Methods for Managing Stress, and Effective Discipline and Guidance tools. Classes are offered at a variety of locations, and are generally free to participants.  Child care is generally provided for ages 3 to 12.

For more information, please call 360-754-7629 or toll free 1-877-813-2828


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