Dynamic Dads Seminar

This program is intended to improve the lives of children by promoting healthy father-child relationships and increasing positive male involvement. Based on the award winning curriculum “Nurturing Father” this program examines the roots of father, child development, balancing work and father, and conflict resolution.

Cost for attendance is $250 per person and includes all program materials. An installment plan may be arranged.  Scholarships and sliding fees are available.  Call for more information.

Click below for flyers:

Thurston County Dynamic Dads Flyer


Mason County Dynamic Dads Flyer

Dynamic Dads Video


Contact us at 360-754-7629 for more payments and sliding scale, information about registration, next class available or to be on the waiting list for the next class.  If there is a class currently available, go to the “Class Registration” tab at the top of the home page and scroll down.

A Big THANK YOU! to Junior League for giving us the opportunity to support “Men as Fathers/Dynamic Dads!”