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FESS Administrative Team:
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FESS Program Staff


Parent/Child Assistance Program (PCAP) Staff 



Parenting and Family Values MRT:

  • Laura Cole  –  Mason County MRT Facilitator
  • Sheryl Jackson  –  Thurston County MRT Facilitator
  • Shelly Willis – Thurston & Mason County MRT/Harvest Facilitator

Consider the Children Seminar:

  • Scott Hanauer  –  TC/LC Consider the Children
  • Sandra Hurd  –  TC/PC Consider the Children
  • Hermenia Jackson –  TC/PC Consider the Children
  • Sheryl Jackson  –  TC/LC/MC/PC Consider the Children
  • Juli Jager  –   TC/LC Consider the Children
  • Morris Miller  –  TC/LC Consider the Children
  • Howard Winkler  –  MC Consider the Children

Kinship Support Groups

  • Joyce Mallinger  –  TC/LC Kinship Facilitator
  • Tallie Ramsfield – MC Kinship Facilitator

Impact of Domestic Violence on Children Seminar

  • Cheryl Stines  –  TC IDV class for Men & Women


Dynamic Dads & Bringing Back the Dads

  • ‘Keoki’ Kauanoe  –  TC/MC/LC Fatherhood Engagement Lead for Dynamic Dads & Bringing Back the Dads


Winning at Parenting/Guiding Good Choices Seminars

  • Sheryl Jackson – WAP Facilitator
  • Juli Jager – WAP & Guiding Good Choices Facilitator


It takes a village to help raise the Children!

We honor those that take the time to contract and volunteer with FESS

to be a huge part of our team!

Program Children’s Team

(This includes Kinship, Winning at Parenting, and other programs that include a child care component)
Thurston County
  • Tallie Ramsfield
  • Amber Salazar
  • Blaise Lindlief-Hall
  • Cassandra Norton
  • Hands on Children’s Museum Staff
Lewis County
  • Michelle Quinlan
  • Marcie Scott
  • Yesica Hernandez
Mason County
  • Tallie Ramsfield
  • Corianne Hollar


Thank you to the generosity of the volunteers who have supported us!
  • Pedi Colby
  • Cat Doctor
  • Jeremy Fleury
  • Mat Frasier
  • Tom Garman
  • Joann Powers
  • Bonnie Quilici
  • Deb Ross
  • Sarah Simmons
  • Thyler Simmons
  • Ida Seiver
  • Thelma Verena
  • Pat Winkler
  • Phil Simmons
  • Cassie Norton


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FESS Policy (for Classes Only) Regarding Re-Scheduling or Refunds

Once you pay the tuition for the class you are enrolled, there is no additional cost to re-schedule.  If for some reason you cannot attend the class you signed up for, please call or e-mail us and we will gladly schedule you for the next available class at no additional cost.  You WILL NOT be automatically rescheduled.  Contact us so we can work with you to find another class that meets your needs.

Those who do not re-schedule may request a refund.  Refunds are limited to 50% of the paid tuition!  In order to receive a refund, you must submit a written request.  You may submit the request to: , by fax to 360-705-4311 or by mail, addressed to:

FESS – 1202 Black Lake Blvd Ste B  Olympia, WA 98502.

Your refund request must include the following information: Your name and mailing address; the name and date of the class; the county where the class was scheduled; and your reason for requesting a refund.

NOTE: If a 3rd party pays for your class, we can ONLY refund the tuition for that person!  Refunds are generally processed within two weeks from the date of the receipt of the class.